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Syngonium Albo - Medio

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El Syngonium Albo (también conocido como Syngonium Variegated o Arrowhead Vine) es una aroide que disfruta del sol indirecto brillante. Originaria de las selvas tropicales de México, las Indias Occidentales y América Central, esta variante 'albo' del Syngonium Podophyllum prosperará en aire muy húmedo y en suelos ricos y con buen drenaje, como una mezcla de corteza de orquídea, perlita y turba.

Instrucciones de cuidado

Sol indirecto brillante

Suelo rico y con buen drenaje (corteza de orquídea, perlita, turba)

70 %

Zona de plantación al aire libre:
10 - 12


Nombre científico:
Syngonium podophyllum 'Albo Variegatum'

Nombres comunes):
Syngonium Albo y Syngonium abigarrado

Entorno nativo:

Selvas tropicales de México, Indias Occidentales y Centroamérica


Abigarrado (estable)


Syngonium Albo in 6" pot
Syngonium Albo in 6" pot
Syngonium Albo in 6" pot

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"¡PlantyTown es mi nuevo estándar de oro para la compra de plantas en línea! No sabía lo que me estaba perdiendo. Embalaje fantástico, etiquetas excelentes y entrega súper rápida . Recibí mis paquetes 2 días después de realizar el pedido e incluían dos esquejes gratis"


Monstera Thai Constellation in 4" pot

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Exceeded Expectations

Amazing condition, good size for a small plant, and good quality chunky soil included. PlantyTown is my new gold standard for online plant shopping!! I didn’t know what I was missing. Fantastic packing, great labels, and super fast turnaround. They packaged hard goods completely separate from the plants. I got both boxes only 2 days after ordering from more than halfway across the country! They included two free cuttings. One cutting didn’t make it for some reason but I can’t really complain since it was a free surprise and the ordered plants are just fantastic. Join their newsletter for killer deals. Thanks, PlantyTown!

Abbey P
The plant was even more beautiful in person.

Nalin shared photos of the plant before it shipped and packed it beautifully with additional free cuttings. Communication was amazing and the plant is doing incredible dispite my postman’s haphazard handling.

Nikki Hickle
Seller was extremely friendly and helpful!

Plant packed with extreme care and arrived quickly and safely. Would absolutely buy from again.

Teresa Sampson
5 syngonium

They are lovely, healthy and you are a blessing to work with.

Amanda Miller
Expectations weren’t met

Opened the box which contained the plant the same day it was delivered. The roots were long uwhich was great but looked as though they may have previously been sitting in some kind of moss as a substrate. I pulled out the ol’ toothbrush and tried to get some of the substance off but it wasn’t coming off so I tried my fingernail and that worked, but I was afraid I was going to further damage the actual roots themselves. Finally I realized I just had to cut the roots and start from the beginning.

There was a new leaf that looked like it was going to soon unfurl but it was black around the edges and extremely “mushy.” I did go ahead and cut that off. Also, the two main leaves are beautiful but they aren’t firm and sturdy standing up like all of my other syngonium cuttings that I currently have. I understand that can be caused from the stress of shipping but it’s been about a week now, you would think that they would start to perk up. They just hang over, kind of like they’re dropping over the propagation vase that they’re in.

I absolutely love syngoniums so I had such high hopes and expectations for this cutting. Needless to say they weren’t necessarily met. But I do still have a cutting that’s alive today, so I am thankful for that!

Hey Amanda,

First, my apologies because I would much prefer you be happy with your order. Thanks for reaching out and giving me your feedback. Please feel free to return the cuttings.

Second, to answer some of your specific questions, my syngonium cuttings are usually rooted in water and shipped wrapped in a damp paper towel. Like anything rooting in water they can occasionally get a bit of algae on the roots. I don't know what substance would be present aside from this. Upon receipt, you can root them in water further or if secondary roots are present they can be planted in soil.

Third, I think there might be some confusion in terms of expectations here. In general with single node cuttings, you are buying a species and not a plant. A common scenario is that you have to wait for roots to appear and a node to grow and it loses its leave(s). You're buying your dream plant, probably, six months or a year from now.

Final note here, when you cut off a plants roots its not an uncommon outcome for foliage to react poorly. Its inadvisable to cut off roots. Its inadvisable to cut off a growth point - even one with some rot - lest you accidentally get the only node.