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In partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, each item sold will sponsor one mangrove tree.

Each product you purchase will result in the sponsorship of one tree, which in turn will sequester approximately 679 lbs of CO2 from the atmosphere over the next 100 years and convert it to oxygen.

Why Trees Matter

The Mangrove trees we plant with Eden Reforestation Projects help to rehabilitate coastlines and expand ecosystems. They diversify and expand native habitats for wild life, improve coastline sustainability, and provided meaningful wages to indigenous population. Perhaps most importantly these Mangrove trees are an incredible carbon sink and help to combat climate change.

Our Impact

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How Can I Help?
  1. You can plant an additional 3 trees at checkout for $1.
  2. You can bundle in extras like soil or a moss pole, maybe a few cuttings. The policy is technically "you but an item, I'm planting a tree" but the marketing folks were having trouble making that into a jingle.
  3. I'd like for you to tell your friends about us because we sent you awesome plants, but if the tree thing seals the deal maybe mention that part too.
  4. You can buy more plants :)
Will These Trees Be Cut Down?

The trees are protected and permanent.

Here are the steps to that are taken to protect them.

  • Our partners diligently collaborate with government at every level to ensure written agreements that permanently designate the restoration sites as protected.
  • They employ locals to plant trees, which helps reduce poverty in the community. By providing fair and consistent employment, we create an economic incentive to support the restoration project. The individuals who plant the trees also have a strong sense of ownership and take great care in protecting the restored forests.
  • Some of the planted trees are agroforestry species that are designed to provide food security and benefit human needs. Over time, these trees become a sustainable source of income.
  • Eden provides local communities with alternative fuel sources like fuel-efficient dry wood stoves and solar parabolic stoves. This helps reduce and eliminate their dependence on charcoal.
  • They employ forest guards to safeguard the forests.
  • One of the most significant changes is the local communities' love for their forest. They experience various benefits from the restored forest, including increased fisheries, improved farming, cleaner water, and the growth of micro-enterprises. The employees' efforts to restore the land also bring about transformations in their lives.
  • Eden has established a Forest Guard Endowment Fund. For every tree sponsored, part of the proceeds go towards protecting sites for the long-term.
How Do You Even Pay for This?

We partner with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees. Their cost per tree is low because most of the resources they need to plant a tree are free or very affordable.

Most of the trees we plant are mangrove species. After 3-5 years, these trees start producing their own propagules, which can be used to grow new trees. Initially, our partners collected resources from existing forests. Now, they are generating ample resources from their own forests. When the need arises, they purchase seeds in bulk and at a low cost from local sources.

Most of the trees we plant are mangroves that grow exclusively along coastlines, forming what we like to call 'coastal forests.' This unique environment creates a natural irrigation system for the trees, making them highly self-sufficient and reducing irrigation costs.

Eden pays fair wages to all of its international employees, transforming their quality of life. Our projects in developing nations enable us to plant a large volume of trees at a low price, thanks to the cost, speed, and efficiency of our planting processes

No Seriously Though, Won't My Plant(s) Cost More?

On a $50 order for a single item:

  • We pay somewhere between $7-$14 to ship the order to you, priority.
  • We pay about $1.75 for credit card processing. More if the payment is made using a 3rd party processor such as PayPal or Etsy.
  • We pay about $1.30 for a box and packing supplies.
  • We pay exactly $0.33 for a tree.

As you can see the tree adds a very minimal amount to our overhead, its a rounding error and not something that impacts plant pricing.