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Mini Monstera - Medium

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    The "Mini Monstera" (also known as the Raphidophora Tetrasperma, Monstera Minima, Mini Split-Leaf, Ginny Philodendron) is technically neither a monstera or a philodendron but is an aroid cousin from the Araceae family. She will thrive in bright indirect sun or tolerate medium light. Native to the rainforests of Malaysia and Thailand. The Raphidophora Tetrasperma will thrive in humid air, and rich well-draining soil such as a mixture of orchid bark, perlite, and peat. She's a climber and can grow up to six feet tall with a moss pole.

    Care Instructions

       Bright Indirect Sun

       Rich Well-draining Soil (orchid bark, perlite, peat)


    Outdoor Planting Zone:


    Scientific Name:
       Raphidophora Tetrasperma

    Common Name(s):
       Mini Monstera, Monstera Minima, Mini Split-Leaf, and Ginny Philodendron

    Native Environment:

       Rainforests of Thailand and Malaysia


       Not Variegated


    Mini Monstera in 6" pot
    Mini Monstera in 6" pot
    Mini Monstera in 6" pot
    Mini Monstera in 6" pot

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    Monstera Thai Constellation in 4" pot

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